We provide professional baseball coaching to youth

About us

PA Canes Baseball is non-profit organisation designed to develop high school players to play baseball at the collegiate level. Our main goals is to have our players seen by as many college coaches and professional scouts as possible. We recruit student/athletes from North Carolina,South excellent attitudes, and excel in the classroom as well.

The PA Canes demand a team oriented attitude that is displayed on and off the field. The Canes play excellent competition and are showcased in some of the nation's top sports facilities. This program is modelled after college programs, with emphasis on teamwork, discipline and dedicating themselves to baseball year round. Playing for the Canes gives student/athletes the experience of travelling all over the east coast and playing baseball.

navigate to this site STEPS FOR ORDERING EVOSHIELD CANES ITEMSBelow are the steps for ordering the uniforms on the site. Please pass this along to your parents. Notes that the shop closes on December 6, 2016 at 11:59PM.

  1. Use this link to go open the shop https://canesbaseball3.itemorder.com/sale
  2. Select the mandatory uniform bundle and add to your cart
  3. Input the quantity, size, LAST NAME and NUMBER for each of your uniform tops. Press “Add and Continue after each”

***Please note that your uniform number should be approved by your coach before ordering***

  1. Select the waist size and inseam length of the player’s pants for each style of pant. Press “Add and Continue” when you are finished
  2. Add additional spirit wear as wanted
  3. When you have completed your order you will click on the checkout tab at the top of the page. This will take you to a review of your order. Once you double check your order you will select the check out button on the right of the page. This will take you to a new page.
  4. Once at the new page you will be required to fill out the specific info as follows: Player first and last name, select the team names per the drop down tab and then complete the customer information section.
  5. The last step is to click on Next step on the right to finish your order.

Our site Wilson VIP Premier shop for PACanes

On this site you will be able to receive discounts on Wilson, Louisville Slugger, ATEC and Demarini products as a member of the Evoshield Canes

Here are a few things you need to know going forward
1. There is only one log-in per family of an Evoshield Canes player
2. Sharing this login with multiple outside users can result in the termination of the account
        – multiple users logging in at the same time on different computers
        – buying and shipping multiple addresses
3. If you have already created a log-in using an account created for your family you cannot create another one. You will need to try to log-in using each of the email addresses you have provided the Evoshield Canes and go through the “Forgot Password” protocol
        – If you still have problems accessing send me a note and I will have Wilson troubleshoot
4. If you do not have an account CREATE ONE ASAP. The sooner you create. The quicker you are granted access.
          To Create follow the link: http://premier.wilson.com/
          – Click “Request Access”
          – Fill in the required information
          – Submit
   In a few days you will get an email from Wilson granting you access to the site with a log-in and temporary password for your family